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What Does ONB Stand For In TikTok? Get The Full Meaning Here!

The recent rise of TikTok has generated a lot of trends and acronyms that are hard to keep in mind. But what does ONB mean on TikTok?

Find out in this article as we uncover the trendy slang and explore its implications for the future of TikTok.

What Does ONB Mean in TikTok Text?

If you’re active on social media, chances are you’ve seen the acronym “ONB” being used quite frequently lately. But what is the full meaning of ONB?

ONB is a popular acronym on TikTok that stands for “only n*ggas believe.” The phrase is often used about something that only someone of a certain race or ethnicity would believe.

For example, a TikTok user might say, “ONB, I can’t believe you thought that was a good idea,” in response to another user’s poor decision.

Some users have even created videos explaining what ONB means and how we can use it in various situations.

Despite its popularity, some have criticized the use of ONB on TikTok, arguing that it reinforces negative stereotypes about certain groups of people.

Others have defended the acronym, saying it can empower those who identify with it.

Different Interpretations of ONB

Since the release of TikTok, many users have come up with their interpretations of what ONB means.

Some say it stands for “only n*ggas bop,” or “outta nowhere b*tch.” while others believe it means “only n*ggas believe.”

Regardless of its true meaning, the acronym has become a popular way to describe certain content on the app.

Some videos that have been labeled as ONB include those that feature people dancing in unexpected places or doing something unexpected.

For example, one video shows a group of friends dancing in a parking lot after finishing grocery shopping. Another video shows a girl lip-syncing to a song while she’s driving.

While the true meaning of ONB is still up for debate, there’s no doubt that it’s become a popular trend on TikTok.

Whether you use it to describe a funny video or a beautiful dance routine, ONB will surely add some pizzazz to your content.

How to Use the #ONB in Your TikTok Video?

It’s a great way to add some humor to your videos, and it’s also a great way to connect with other users who are using the same hashtag.

To use the ONB hashtag in your TikTok videos, simply add “#ONB” to the end of your video description. This will help other users find your video, and it will also help you build up a following of other ONB users.

What Are Some 2023 TikTok Slang?

A few other popular slang words can be used on TikTok in place of ONB. These include:

FIFO: For the forgetful ones, this term means “Forget the feeling of obligation.” It’s often used as a response to someone who has done something nice for you, as a way of saying that you don’t feel obligated to them in any way.

LOML: This stands for “Love of my life.” It’s a term of endearment often used between couples or close friends.

NFS: Not for sale. This acronym indicates that an item or service is not available for purchase.

TBH: To be honest, this is one of the most popular slang terms on TikTok (and other social media platforms). It’s commonly used to preface your honest opinion on something.

WYD: Another popular acronym stands for “What you doing?” It’s often used to start a conversation with someone or to check in and see how they’re doing.

YOLO: You only live once. This acronym is often used when taking risks or doing something crazy.

SMH: Share my head. This acronym is used to express disbelief or confusion.

FOMO: Fear of missing out. This acronym is often used when someone feels left out or excluded from something.

JOMO: Joy of missing out. This acronym is used when someone is happy to be away from the action.

Baka: The meaning of Baka on TikTok is to describe someone who is being silly or foolish.

More slang meanings:


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So, there you have it – the meaning of ONB on TikTok. While the popularity of this acronym has grown in recent months, its usage dates back years before TikTok was even created.

Whether you are an avid TikToker or just curious about all the fuss, this article has helped uncover why everyone loves using ONB.

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