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What Does Yellow Heart on Snapchat Mean?

In this blog post, we’ll decode the meaning behind the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat and provide tips on quickly earning this coveted symbol of friendship. So grab your phones and prepare to dive into the colorful world of Snapchat emojis!

What Does the Yellow Heart πŸ’› Mean?

The yellow heart emoji on Snapchat is a symbol of mutual best friendship. It signifies that you and the person you are sending snaps to have been each other’s number-one best friend for at least two weeks straight. In other words, you’ve consistently exchanged snaps with this person, making them your BFF in the Snapchat realm.

This golden yellow heart is a virtual badge of honor, representing the strong bond and closeness between two friends. It’s not just an ordinary heart; it’s a special one that shows your dedication and commitment to maintaining a strong connection on the platform.

Seeing that yellow heart next to someone’s name on Snapchat means they hold a significant place in your digital life. You can rely on them for funny selfies, daily updates, or sharing random moments throughout the day.

Friendships evolve and change over time. So don’t panic if the yellow heart disappears from your list of emojis. It doesn’t mean your friendship is over; it simply means that another friend has taken precedence regarding snap exchanges.

Can You Have More Than One πŸ’› on Snapchat?

After discussing what does yellow heart means, let’s see if you can get more than yellow hearts on Snapchat. The answer is no. The emoji is reserved for your #1 best friend. While having several friends who fall into this category is possible, only one lucky individual will receive the coveted yellow heart.

So, even if you’re super popular and have many close friends on Snapchat, there can only be one recipient of your yellow heart affection. However, plenty of other emojis can express different levels of friendship and interaction.

Is Yellow Heart Better Than Pink Heart on Snapchat?

Regarding Snapchat, emojis are important in conveying different types of relationships between users. Among these emojis, the yellow heart and the pink heart are two popular ones that signify a close bond between friends. But which one is better? Let’s take a closer look.

As we mentioned in our previous section, the yellow heart πŸ’› represents the “Best Friends” feature on Snapchat. It appears when you and another user have been each other’s number-one best friend for at least two weeks consistently. This indicates a strong connection and frequent communication with that person.

On the other hand, the pink heart πŸ’• signifies a “Super BFF” status. This means that you and another user have been each other’s number-one best friend for two months straight! It symbolizes an even deeper friendship or possibly romantic involvement.

Both hearts hold significance in their ways, depending on your relationship with the person. While some may argue that having a pink heart is more special than a yellow one due to its longer duration requirement, others might appreciate the consistency represented by the yellow heart over time.

Whether you prefer the yellow or pink heart depends on personal preference and how much weight you give to each emoji’s criteria for achievement. So cherish whichever color of heart you receive on Snapchat, as it reflects your unique connection with someone special! below is an example of 18 heart emoji colors:

18 Heart Emoji Colors

How Do You Get the Yellow Heart on Snapchat Quickly?

You can take a few simple steps to increase your chances of earning that special symbol. First, consistency is key. Interact with your friends on Snapchat regularly by sending them snaps and engaging in conversations. This will show Snapchat’s algorithm that you have a strong connection with these individuals and increase your likelihood of achieving the yellow heart status.

Additionally, try to maintain a high snap streak with one friend. A snap streak occurs when two users exchange snaps for consecutive days. The longer the streak lasts, the stronger your bond becomes in Snapchat’s eyes, potentially leading to the yellow heart emoji.

Furthermore, remember emojis! Incorporating emojis into your snaps can add personality and emotion to your messages. Experiment with different combinations and see if any catch Snapchat’s attention for that sought-after yellow heart.

Be patient. Building relationships takes time in real life and on social media platforms like Snapchat. Don’t stress too much about obtaining the yellow heart quickly. Instead, focus on fostering genuine connections with those who matter most to you.

10 Snapchat Emoji Meanings

Snapchat is known for its fun and quirky features, and one of the most popular aspects of the app is its use of emojis. These little icons add a new level of communication to your snaps and chats. But what exactly do these emojis mean? Let’s dive into 10 Snapchat emoji meanings to help you decode this digital language.

  1. πŸ’› Yellow Heart: This is one of the most cherished emojis on Snapchat. It signifies that you are each other’s number one best friend.
  2. ❀️ Red Heart: The red heart means that you have been each other’s best friends for at least two weeks straight.
  3. 😊 Smiling Face: This emoji indicates that you’re good friends with someone but not quite besties yet.
  4. 😎 Sunglasses Face: If someone has this emoji next to their name, they share a close mutual friend with you.
  5. πŸ‘Ά Baby: When you see this cute baby symbol, it means that both parties recently became friends on Snapchat.
  6. ❌ Fire: The fire symbolizes a Snapstreak. when two people have snapped each other every day consecutively for more than three days!
  7. 🀝 Handshake: If there’s a handshake icon, it shows that you and another user have agreed to be official Snapchat friends.
  8. ⏳ Hourglass: Uh-oh! The hourglass signals that your Snapstreak will end soon if you don’t send a snap back quickly!
  9. πŸ”₯ Hundred Points Symbol (πŸ’―): Congratulations! You’ve reached 100 days in your Snapstreak – keep up the streak!
  10. ⭐ Gold Star Emoji (🌟): A gold star signifies something special – perhaps achievements or an exceptional snap sent by someone on your list!

These are just ten examples among many exciting Snapchat emojis waiting for discovery! So, keep snapping and exploring to uncover the meanings behind all those little icons.


The yellow heart emoji on Snapchat signifies a close friendship and mutual best friends. It is a special symbol that shows you have consistently interacted with each other for two weeks straight. While it is possible to have more than one yellow heart on Snapchat, having just one is considered an honor and reflects the strength of your connection with that person.

Keep in mind that maintaining consistent communication is key to earning this cherished emoji on Snapchat. So go ahead, keep connecting and nurturing those friendships to unlock the coveted yellow heart!

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