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Three simple hacks to lose weight fast and naturally

Everybody likes good hacks. There are methods to lose weight that don’t have anything to do with exercise or diet. Even though insulin is your most important catalyst for obesity, there are lots of helpful weight loss hacks that might help to make decent food choices.

loss weight hacks - fast and naturally

3 simple hacks to loss weight fast


Drinking more water can allow you to remain healthy and hydrated. Ideally, you will want to be drinking half of your weight, in ounces, daily. By way of instance, I weigh 140 pounds so that I should be drinking about 70 oz of water each day — then more should I exercise. Therefore, if you drink about 8 glasses of water per day, that is approximately 60-70 oz, that is a fantastic goal, then only adjust to your weight.

Drinking loads of water is not only great for hydration it can allow you to weight loss, also. Just consider it water has 0 calories. ZERO. You may drink as much as you need without restricting calories.

Water will fill your stomach up and you’ll eat less without feeling hungry. Also — did you understand your body tricks you into believing your hungry when it is really that you are dehydrated and in need of water? That means, as soon as you drink your water, then you are going to stop feeling hungry once your body is not even very hungry.

At length, drinking water rather than sugary drinks as well as carbonated beverages will even re-train your entire body and tastebuds to appreciate sugar daily so you’re going to crave less sweet snacks and empty carbohydrates.

You may also try incorporating natural tastes to your water, such as lemon juice, peppermint, or fresh fruit pieces.

2- Eat slowly

There’s a lag between beginning a meal and feeling completely satiated. If you consume very quickly there’s not any time for the body to register you have just consumed and therefore aren’t hungry no more. 1 easy hack is to ensure you eat slowly.

In the first part of the previous century, Horace Fletcher (the Great Masticator) found a way of weight loss known as Fletcherizing where every bite of food has been chewed 100 times.

It had been quite popular for a little while and turned out to be rather profitable. But, it was quite time-consuming. This probably led to its final decline for a weight loss process. Who has the patience to create each meal for 1 hour?

Every so often, someone attempts to revive bad old Fletcher’s methods. Some diets cause you to time your snacks. They have the same objective of slowing down your consumption. The dilemma is they are exceedingly effective, and since it takes so long, folks do not stick with the app.

Regardless, it still has value for weight loss hacks. We have experienced this ourselves naturally. During an especially slow restaurant service, for instance. We’ve probably all had the expertise that after completing soup, sausage and sausage, that if there’s a good delay in the meals, we are already complete by the time the main course arrives.

You do not have to have one hour a meal, but slow it down intentionally. Yet more, the reverse will occur when we’re hungry. We all wolf down our meals.

3- Eat only at mealtimes

Perhaps the biggest error is believing that eating regularly will make you thin. The only reason we think this is because everyone tells us this all of the time. How does eating all the time keep you slim? That’s like saying that washing your hands all the time makes you dirty. Or spending money all the time makes you rich. Here is the breaking news. Eating all the time will make you fat, Sherlock!

A related hack would be to eat just at a table. This gets to the point of mindfulness eating. We should eat because we’re hungry. Or since we are enjoying the meal. Eat since you would like to eat. Not mechanically. This, of course, happens all the time. Eating in the theatre. In front of this TV. Every time we pass a donut shop. If you are not hungry, don’t eat. It will not make you slimmer. If you ignore the hunger, it will pass as your body’ eats’ your fat.

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